100 ML Lactulose Solution USP

100 ML Lactulose Solution USP

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Lactulose Solution USP is a medication used to treat constipation and hepatic encephalopathy, a condition that occurs when the liver is unable to properly filter toxins from the blood. Lactulose Solution is a synthetic sugar that is not absorbed by the body, but instead passes through the gastrointestinal tract and draws water into the colon, softening the stool and promoting bowel movements.

Lactulose Solution USP is typically taken orally as directed by your healthcare provider, and the dosage and duration of treatment will depend on your specific condition and needs. It may take several days for the medication to take effect, and it is important to continue taking the medication even if you begin to feel better.

In addition to its use as a laxative, Lactulose Solution USP is also used to treat hepatic encephalopathy by reducing the levels of ammonia in the blood. Ammonia is a byproduct of protein metabolism that is normally filtered by the liver, but in individuals with liver disease, it can build up in the blood and cause damage to the brain. Lactulose Solution works by converting ammonia to a form that can be easily excreted from the body.

Common side effects of Lactulose Solution USP include abdominal cramping, diarrhea, and nausea. In rare cases, more serious side effects such as electrolyte imbalances or dehydration may occur. If you experience any severe side effects or have concerns about your treatment, contact your healthcare provider right away.


1. What is lactulose solution USP?

Answer: Lactulose solution USP is a medication used to treat constipation and other conditions related to the digestive system. It is a synthetic sugar that is not broken down or absorbed by the body and works as a laxative by drawing water into the colon, which helps to soften the stool.

2. How do I take lactulose solution USP?

Answer: Lactulose solution USP is usually taken by mouth. The dosage and how often you take it will depend on your condition, age, and other factors. It is important to follow your doctor's instructions carefully. 

3. What are the possible side effects of lactulose solution USP?

Answer: Side effects of lactulose solution USP may include bloating, diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea, and gas. If you experience any of these side effects or any other unusual symptoms, contact your doctor right away. 

4. When should I not take lactulose solution USP?

Answer: You should not take lactulose solution USP if you are allergic to it or any of its ingredients, have certain intestinal conditions, such as a perforated bowel, or if you have certain diseases such as kidney failure. Consult your doctor before taking this medication.

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