Anti-Spasmodic Drugs

Anti-Spasmodic Drugs offered by us are acknowledged for their high therapeutic value. Combination drugs of this category are effective in treating abdominal pain and menstrual cramp. Anti spasmodic content of these medicines provide relief from spasms caused by smooth abdominal muscles. Formulation of these medicines stops secretion of certain chemical messengers in human body to prevent the sense of inflammation and abdominal pain. Antispasmodic factors of these medicines promote relaxation of gut and stomach muscles to prevent spasm, pain and cramps in abdominal area. Antifoaming factor of these Anti-Spasmodic Drugs ensure easy passage of gas bubbles inside stomach. These drugs have been formulated under controlled environment to keep their therapeutic value intact. These are offered in standard packaging to meet exact treatment needs of hospitals and clinics. Standard shelf life, quick action, reasonable price and accurate composition are some of their main aspects.

"We are dealing only bulk order quantity."
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