Anti-Allergic Medicine

Anti-Allergic Medicines are suggested to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary ailments and asthma. Bronchodilator and mucolytic group of medications of this category act as muscle relaxants. These loosen airway muscles for easy removal of mucus for the convenience of breathing. Expectorant provided as part of this category reduces stickiness of mucus so that it can be removed easily from nasal airways. Some of these medications are suggested to treat skin hives and hay fever. These medications prevent effectiveness of histamine. This substance is instrumental in inducing the feeling of runny nose, itching, watery eyes and sneezing. Syrup offered under this category is effective in treating skin allergies, hay fever and other types of allergies caused by bacteria. Standard of these medicines has been checked as per their shelf life, formulation, processing technique, possible side effects etc. We offer these medicines at reasonable price.

"We are dealing only bulk order quantity."
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