Anti-Tussive Syrup

Anti-Tussive Syrups are recommended to treat common cold, allergies and nasal congestion. These medications are effective in treating watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing caused by allergies. As suitable decongestants, these medicines narrow small blood vessels of nasal area to relieve stuffy condition of nose. Combination medicines of this category are effective in loosening mucus so that it can be removed or coughed out. Organic compound has been used as one of their ingredients to provide the sense of coolness (required to provide relief from minor throat irritation or cough. Bronchodilator present in the formulation of these Anti-Tussive Syrups is instrumental in relaxing airway muscles for making breathing smooth. All these medications have been checked as per their composition, therapeutic value, duration of effectiveness, processing and packaging method, storage life, administering method and possible side effects. These medicines are easily available in medical stores.

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