Enriched With Vitamin C And Zinc

Enriched With Vitamin C And Zinc

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1. What does "enriched with Vitamin C and zinc" mean? 

Ans - "Enriched with Vitamin C and zinc" way that a product incorporates delivered quantities of these two crucial vitamins. 

2. What is vitamin C? 

Ans - Vitamin C is a vital nutrient that performs a vital function in the immune machine, wound restoration, and the synthesis of collagen. 

3. What is zinc? 

Ans - Zinc is an important mineral that is involved in lots of mobile procedures, together with the immune machine, protein synthesis, and wound recovery. 

4. Why are vitamin C and zinc important? 

Ans - Vitamin C and zinc are crucial nutrients for maintaining a wholesome immune gadget, improving wound recovery, and promoting ordinary health and properly-being. 

5. What are a few common resources of vitamin C and zinc? 

Ans - Vitamin C is determined in citrus culmination, berries, and plenty of vegetables, even as zinc is determined in meats, nuts, and legumes. 

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